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Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills over 300,000 people each year in the United States, more than breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and automobile accidents combined. Only high quality CPR that is delivered quickly and a defibrillation shock are effective in re-establishing blood flow. PocketCPR is the only cell-phone sized CPR coach that reminds a rescuer what to do and lets a rescuer know if high quality chest compressions are being delivered by measuring the depth of each chest compression.

70% of the time that SCA strikes, it occurs in the presence of a family member or acquaintance, yet few survive this electrical malfunction of the heart because either CPR is not administered at all, poor quality CPR is delivered (usually too fast and too shallow) or a defibrillation shock is not delivered quickly.

A heart attack is a plumbing problem most frequently brought on by restricted blood flow to the heart itself. The classic symptoms include chest pain, shoulder pain, jaw pain, nausea and sweating. Successful treatment involves elimination of the arterial blockage through medication, angioplasty, opening of arteries with stents or by-pass surgery.

SCA is an electrical problem and the victim usually has no warning and collapses within ten to fifteen seconds. SCA is often the result of a heart attack that may have occurred recently but it also occurs, without warning, in children and all adults. Drowning can lead to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Dehydration in athletes or a sharp blow to the chest can also lead to SCA.

Doctors consider SCA to be a treatable disease but only if the victim makes it to the hospital.

With PocketCPR, anyone can quickly learn the basics of CPR.

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