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Class 2 - Flashing Safety Vest

Class 2 - Flashing Safety Vest
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Model: MAJ1

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LED Class 2 Safety Vest: 

  • Flashing LED Class 2 Safety Vest:
  • Breakaway Velcro closures at shoulders, waist and front
  • High-Visibility Mesh Vest, radio pocket, gro grain and reflective striping, visibility over 100 yards*  
  • 14 LED lights flash 50-70/minute, provide up to 72 hours* of safety. Easily change to 3 modes of lighting; steady, fast blink, slow blink by push button. Visible from over 1,000 yards*, requires 3 AA batteries
  • Easy access on/off switch on front of vest plus a secondary battery pack switch to stop residual battery loss
  • One size, adjustable fits to 5XL Available in:
    Orange model # VBO2000010
    Green model # VBG2000010 

Federal Highway regulations require:

  • Police Officers
  • EMS Crews
  • Tow Truck Drivers
  • First Responders              

Working on a federally-funded highway to wear a high-visibility vest
Visibility is also the key to safety for:

  • Construction Workers
  • Traffic Control
  • Bicyclists

Be  Seen -  Be  Safe !!

Class 2 - Flashing Safety Vest
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